Broken Link in Silver Efex Book

New York in the Evening. Captured on a Panasonic LX5.
New York in the Evening. Captured on a Panasonic LX5.

I was recently contacted by someone who had purchased my Nik Silver Efex book but was having problems. I mention in the book that Nik provide a number of useful presets on their site which are free to download. These include a good Landscape preset and a faux infrared preset which is quite dramatic. There were also links to download a number of additional presets for the Color Efex software. When trying to access the link I provided this person was being redirected to a new Google/Nik site.

The bad news is that Google, despite all the improvements they have made to the Nik software, has removed the presets. I spent quite some time trawling their site and archives and can’t find the presets anywhere. Whether or not this is temporary  I don’t know.

The good news is that I have been able to locate the presets using the “Wayback Machine” website. Here is the link for anyone wanting to access these.

In case you are wondering, the image above didn’t use any presets. It was shot with a Panasonic LX5 from the top of the Empire State Building in New York shortly, after sunset on a rather dull day. But more on the LX5 in another post soon.

13 thoughts on “Broken Link in Silver Efex Book

  1. Thanks, Robin, they look very useful so have downloaded the 2 you mentioned plus a few more …….may come in handy one day
    I have already used the landscape one

    1. Hi Paul,
      Open up Silver Efex and select the “Imported” panel. It’s on the left of the screen, usually at the bottom. When it expand you will see a “+” symbol next to the title. Click this and it will open a dialog box. Browse to where you saved your presets and click on those you want to import. It you downloaded all the presets in the zip file you will need to uncompress the file first to extract the presets.
      Good luck

      1. Many thanks Robin. All imported now. Have a great Xmas & New Year.
        Best regards

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