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Nik Silver Efex Video

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Yesterday I published a new video on my You Tube Channel

This is one is another of those videos focussing on the overlooked adjustments. People often overlook some of the most powerful adjustments in favour of the most obvious. If you want to create some black and white conversions reminiscent of film, watch this short video.

I hope you enjoy.

Amazing Film

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XPan image in Paris. Handheld using Ilford Delta 100.
XPan image in Paris. Handheld using Ilford Delta 100. Click to see a larger image.

This is another image that I just have to share. I shot this around 10 years ago in Paris on my XPan panoramic camera. It was shot on good old Ilford Delta 100 and processed using ID11. I scanned the image in two halves using my Minolta 5400 35mm scanner. The image is panoramic so you need to scan in two halves and then merge the two in Photoshop. The resulting image is 45” x 16” when printed at 300dpi.

Now here are two close up sections at 100% magnification with no sharpening. You can see where I have taken them from on the main image by the red boxes.

Section 1 from the roof
Section 1 from the roof

And the other section.

Section 2
Section 2

Whilst I’m amazed at how sharp the image is (I would love to have this scanned on a top quality scanner), what I really like the gritty feel it has. It’s not as clinical as a digital black and white. Perhaps I’m growing to appreciate black and white film more in my old age.

Monochrome Forest

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Olympus EM5, 12-40mm lens. f/4.0, 1/200" at ISO800
Olympus EM5, 12-40mm lens. f/4.0, 1/200″ at ISO800

The Friday image this week seemed to draw a few favourable comments so I thought that I would post another similar image. I have also included the colour image below, but this time I personally prefer the colour image. I can’t say why this is but the colour image seems to have more depth to it.

Colour version of image
Colour version of image. My preference with this shot.

Friday Image No.96

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Forest Leaves. Olympus EM5, f/3.5, 1/50" at ISO400.
Forest Leaves. Olympus EM5, f/3.5, 1/50″ at ISO400.

Whilst on my recent road trip I captured this image. What I like is that it could have been anywhere and that I didn’t need to travel to the US to shoot it. My wife thinks I’m mad travelling all that way to take pictures of leaves. I suspect some of the people passing by me would have agreed with her.

What I also want to share is the colour version of the image which is below.

Forest Leaves prior to conversion.
Forest Leaves prior to conversion.

As soon as I saw this I knew how the finished image would look. The greens were so different that I could see them separating out naturally in the conversion. After a while you sort of get an instinct for these things.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.


Friday Image No.87

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Sony RX10, ISO80, f/5.6, 1/640". 0.6 ND Grad on the sky
Sony RX10, ISO80, f/5.6, 1/640″. 0.6 ND Grad on the sky

I keep having this odd feeling that I am running out of images (I haven’t been able to shoot much recently). I have this feeling that I don’t really like too much of my recent work and that it won’t endure. But when I go back about a year that I start to find images that I like. Here is one example of yet another moorland scene. This is taken on the descent from Black Hill heading towards the Woodhead Pass. Black Hill can be reached from my home by walking across Saddleworth Moor but you need to be ready for a 35-40km hike (round trip) so it’s not something I do regularly.

This particular shot was taken around this time last year with the Sony RX10. The lighting really appealed to me at the time but then I could never capture the mood in post processing. It’s only now that I seem to be able to accept the very dark tones and gritty feel of the image. I doubt this will appeal to a lot of people but it does sum up the drama of the area well.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Processing the Wind Farm Image

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The other week I published an image similar to this.

Finished wind farm image
Finished wind farm image

Well for those who are interested (and quite a few people emailed me), here is the starting image.

Starting image of the wind farm prior to any adjustment
Starting image of the wind farm prior to any adjustment

If you want to know the processing steps I posted the tutorial on Lenscraft. Here’s the link.

I Love the Canon G16

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Whitby Pier
Whitby Pier. Canon G16, ISO80, f/4.5, 1/500″. Black and white conversion in Nik Silver Efex Pro.

I have been using the G16 pocket Camera quite a lot recently and the more I use it the more I like it. I find the build good and the image quality very good. It’s easy to use and whilst it doesn’t shine in any one area it’s a great, well balanced package that’s a joy to use.

In fact, I like this camera so much I am going to sell it.

The reason is that I have been enjoying using it so much that I couldn’t resist buying a Canon G7X. The G7X is pretty much the same body except that it has an articulated screen which is something I really wanted on the G16. The other major difference is that the G7X has a 1” sensor and is 20Mpixels.

When I saw the discounted price on Amazon (reduced to £350) I couldn’t resist. I do hope it handles as well as the G16.