Sunset Photography in The Peak District

This was a good week. The weather has been wonderful and on Tuesday evening, I managed to get out to shoot the sunset. Whilst it wasn’t quite as spectacular as I had hoped for later in the evening, there was a wonderful haze to the light. If you want to see what happened later on, … Continue reading Sunset Photography in The Peak District

When Are We Cheating?

I’ve been flat out working on several projects over the past few weeks and haven’t managed to do any photography. Instead, I decided to work on some old images from a trip to Bolivia in 2014. This is something I like to do from time to time to see how old RAW files respond to … Continue reading When Are We Cheating?

A Question About Camera Equipment

When it comes to new camera equipment, are we placing too much reliance on the media and those held up as experts? I think the answer is probably yes. The problem with the media is that they often use a circulated press release to produce their articles. They do this because they are short on … Continue reading A Question About Camera Equipment

It’s Been a Long Time But Worth The Wait

This past week, I finally made it out to shoot landscapes with the Fuji XT5. A friend was heading up to the Lake District and asked if I wanted to join him. We started the day up at Grange near to Keswick. The weather was dreadful with heavy rain, but we didn’t let that stop … Continue reading It’s Been a Long Time But Worth The Wait

The Only Problem Now is User Error

I’ve spent this past week on a break in Suffolk. It’s given me time to clear my head and try out the new Fuji XT5. I visited a few of the popular coastal towns but also called in at Norwich Cathedral. If you haven’t been before, it’s a great Cathedral and well worth a visit. … Continue reading The Only Problem Now is User Error

Back to Urban Photography in Liverpool

Following a chest infection a few weeks ago, I haven’t been doing any photography. The last time I ventured out was to Liverpool with my newly acquired XT5. After that trip, I shared a shot taken inside the Cathedral. This time I want to share a simple scene of a car park. The regularity of … Continue reading Back to Urban Photography in Liverpool

I Bought a New Fuji XT5 Camera

Last week I took a chance and bought a new Fuji XT5 camera. This is a replacement for my rather well used Fuji XT3. The XT3 has developed several niggles over the past year and has misbehaved on more than one occasion. To give you an example, it did a complete factory reset whilst I … Continue reading I Bought a New Fuji XT5 Camera

Buy The Best Lenses Possible

This past week, I’ve been going through some of my old images from 2008 when I visited the US. I like doing this as it’s always interesting to see how well the latest software will process these old RAW files. Here’s a good example. Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona This is Horseshoe Bend near to Page … Continue reading Buy The Best Lenses Possible

When a Fake Sky is Ignored

A couple of days ago, I shared this image on my Instagram account. Blackpool Beach and Pier I shot it using a Panasonic G9 with Leica 12-60 lens at 12mm. It’s a handheld exposure of 1/125” at f/7.1 and ISO200. Personally, I like this and find it an improvement on the original image below. Yes, … Continue reading When a Fake Sky is Ignored

Sunset Photography on Burbage Edge

Last week, I shared a landscape image that I’d taken from Burbage Edge on the Peak District. I used it to talk about the quality of my Panasonic G9 micro four thirds camera and Leica lenses. But the real reason that I was on Burbage Edge wasn’t to test the quality of the G9. It … Continue reading Sunset Photography on Burbage Edge