Friday Image 004

Sony R1 Image Quality is still hard to beat
Sony R1 Image Quality is still hard to beat

For this week’s Friday image I wanted to share the picture above. I shot this about 4 years ago. It’s from the town centre of Krakow in Poland. There is nothing spectacular about this image but I wanted to share it because it makes an interesting point.

The image was shot on a Sony R1 which at the time was about 3 years old, perhaps more. I had bought it second hand because the owner had “upgraded” to a Sony SLR. I later sold it because I “upgraded” to a Sony NEX5.

All this time later (that’s time measured in digital years) this camera is still my benchmark. The image is so sharp and detailed, as are most of the other images from this camera. The only thing that “let the camera down” was the sensor when you moved away from base ISO (which was 200).

I had hoped that my recent purchase of the RX10 would match this camera but I am still doubtful. Don’t get me wrong, the RX10 is very capable but I am still to be convinced because I need to use it in similar conditions and see the printed results. Images from the R1 and its 10Mpixel sensor could be blown up to give great prints at 24” or even larger.

So was I happy with the NEX5? No, I sold it because the image quality wasn’t as good as the R1 and I went chasing newer equipment. For the moment I want to leave you to think about why we upgrade so frequently only to find the new camera doesn’t match the performance of our old one.

4 thoughts on “Friday Image 004

  1. This is somewhat similar to the Panasonic GX1 and GX7 story. The images with the GX1 are spectacular if you handled the equipment well. Is it worth upgrading to the GX7 for about $1000? Not so sure and possibly the better strategy to wait for the next generation. As the saying goes ” it’s the lenses, dummy”

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