Friday image No.008

Another image from my recent Yorkshire Dales trip. This was also taken on the first morning and is perhaps my favourite image from that day. I feel the quality of light is amazingly strong in this image. The light quality is often better in the morning than the evening as there is less dust in … Continue reading Friday image No.008

Friday image No. 007

Nothing too much to describe here. This is Twistleton Scar in the Yorkshire Dales and was photographed last weekend. I love the location and it’s not often I can get to it for dawn. I really need some time to perfect the processing of the image but I hope you like this early version.

Friday Image 006

In all my dashing around today I almost forgot to post my Friday image. I quite like the discipline of trying to create and post an image a week. I know others seem to manage one or more a day but I have too much else on to be able to make such a commitment. … Continue reading Friday Image 006

Lightweight Panoramic Set-up

Not too long ago I related how I had been struggling with the small size of my Olympus OMD EM5 when using it on a tripod. My solution to this had been to buy the two part grip and also to use an L-bracket from Novoflex. The Novoflex bracket wasn’t required to solve the size … Continue reading Lightweight Panoramic Set-up

Free Soft Proofing Article

I have just finished and uploaded an article on how to use the Soft Proofing features in Lightroom 4. You can download the article for free from my Lenscraft website by following this link to the Members Area. You will need to log in as a member to gain access but membership is free and … Continue reading Free Soft Proofing Article

Lightweight Panoramic Photography

I am and always have been a fan of panoramic photography. I’m not sure why but the format (usually somewhere between 2:1 and 3:1 ratio) really appeals to me and makes sense as the way I see the world. Unfortunately, to create good panoramic images you need additional equipment beyond just the digital camera and … Continue reading Lightweight Panoramic Photography

Back to Blogging with Zabriskie Badlands

I’m now back from a trip to the US and thought I would restart blogging with some images from the trip. The first area I visited was Death Valley and the photograph shown above was taken at Zabriskie Point in the valley. It's a bit of an odd place to visit in terms of Landscape … Continue reading Back to Blogging with Zabriskie Badlands