Image Fact Sheet Launched

Something I said that I would do a few weeks back was to explain more about how I created this image, as well as explain some of the creative decisions I made. Well, I have put all the information into a new Image Fact Sheet, which you can download for free from my Lenscraft website. … Continue reading Image Fact Sheet Launched

New Nik Silver Efex Book Launched

I am very pleased to announce that I have just launched my latest book. It's called how to create "Dramatic Black & White Photography using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2". It's priced at just $3.99 or £2.68 and is available from Amazon as a Kindle eBook. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle as … Continue reading New Nik Silver Efex Book Launched

Free Soft Proofing Article

I have just finished and uploaded an article on how to use the Soft Proofing features in Lightroom 4. You can download the article for free from my Lenscraft website by following this link to the Members Area. You will need to log in as a member to gain access but membership is free and … Continue reading Free Soft Proofing Article

Finding Your Vision

This is my vision. “Finding Your Vision” is the title of one of the presentations I give from time to time around Camera Clubs and Photographic Societies. This particular presentation is however about 5 years old and with an upcoming presentation in June I need to bring it up to date. The core message of … Continue reading Finding Your Vision

Lightweight Panoramic Photography

I am and always have been a fan of panoramic photography. I’m not sure why but the format (usually somewhere between 2:1 and 3:1 ratio) really appeals to me and makes sense as the way I see the world. Unfortunately, to create good panoramic images you need additional equipment beyond just the digital camera and … Continue reading Lightweight Panoramic Photography

Photo Acute Photography Software

Every so often you come across a piece of software that redefines what you accepted as the rules of photography. Something that makes you think how on earth did they do that. Well I may have stumbled across such a software package and it’s called Photo Acute. In brief this is a software package to … Continue reading Photo Acute Photography Software

The Black art of Colour Management

In my last post I discussed some of the choices we photographers now have in choosing paper surfaces for printing. Someone raised a question that I responded to about how to get the colours accurate but I think this subject deserves a more in depth answer; so here is a little more on the subject. … Continue reading The Black art of Colour Management

LX5 Book Launched

After my previous post, I am no longer feeling sorry for myself and am well on the road to recovery. In fact I am feeling quite satisfied as I have finally completed my book “The Panasonic LX5: How to Achieve Exceptional Image Quality” which has been on the go since November last year. As the … Continue reading LX5 Book Launched

Lightroom Profile for Sony RX100

I have been trying to create a new camera profile for my Sony RX100 in Lightroom for a few weeks but had been unable to get the software for my Passport Color Checker to work properly. I have now traced the problem to the new version of DNG files that Lightroom 4.3 creates (Lightroom 4.2 … Continue reading Lightroom Profile for Sony RX100

Missing the Obvious Again

I have just answered a question posted on yesterdays blog and it made me realise I am missing the obvious again. This time it was that most people reading my blog have probably never seen a direct conversion from a RAW infrared file. Neither will you probably know what all this problem is with white … Continue reading Missing the Obvious Again