Lightroom Profile for Sony RX100

RX100 in Wales
RX100 in Wales

I have been trying to create a new camera profile for my Sony RX100 in Lightroom for a few weeks but had been unable to get the software for my Passport Color Checker to work properly. I have now traced the problem to the new version of DNG files that Lightroom 4.3 creates (Lightroom 4.2 seemed to work fine). I resolved the problem by saving my DNG files in the old DNG version 6.6 format.

Don’t worry if the above doesn’t mean much to you, if you have a Sony RX100 and use Lightroom you might want to download and try the profile I created. I found the profile improves the reds and blues (particularly) over the standard Adobe profile.

You can download my profile for free from the Members Area of my Lenscraft. You will need to have signed up as a member but that gives you free access to everything on the site and I don’t pester people with emails other than a quarterly newsletter and the odd announcement.

If you use Lightroom and have an LX5 or GX1 you will also find my profiles for these cameras in the same location.

I hope you find this useful.

6 thoughts on “Lightroom Profile for Sony RX100

    1. There is a folder on your PC called Adobe (usually your C:\ drive) and within that there is a folder called “Camera Profiles”. Once you copy the profile into this folder it can be read by Adobe products when they start up. If you go into Lightroom and select the Develop module, scrole right down to the bottom and you will find a section called Camera Calibration. Here you will find a drop down list for “Profiles”. When you pull down the list you will find the new custom profile and cal select it. The profile will then remap all the colours in the image, quite often improving the tones, contrast and detail. I have found the standard Adobe profiles quite lacking. The ones I have created using Color Checker are much stronger withut the need to punch up the saturation. They are also much more natural. Try this link for a general explanation

      1. Hi Robin, unfortunately I don’t have any of the cameras you do, so I can’t download your profiles.

        In the demos for Color Passport the photographers seemed to do a profile for multiple light sources, like sunny, cloudy, shady, etc. Do you find that to be necessary in your work?

      2. Hi Jim,
        The ColorChecker Passport does support both single and dual light source. The results from the dual light source (one shot in sunlight and the other in shade) provides a superior profile so although I have tried the single source profile I don’t use it. I have contemplated creating a profile for specific shoots but the results achieved with the profiles I created seem to give good results so I haven’t bothered.

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