Better Looking Flickr Images

I was recently out with a friend when he showed me some of his work on Flickr. What immediately struck me, other than how good his images were, is that they had a consistent look. All of them had a nice clear white border around them as well as a thin black Keyline. This made … Continue reading Better Looking Flickr Images

Don’t do this if you shoot film

A couple of weeks back I had a clear out in my study. I have shelves full of books and decided to throw out many of the older ones. I also have stacks of old note books full of random jottings so I pulled out and ripped up all the used pages. It wasn't until … Continue reading Don’t do this if you shoot film

Something to Say Again

I had a bit of a scare over the holidays that made me realise how sloppy I have become with my backup process. At one time I was pretty rigorous in processing and backing up my images. Everything went into a holding area on my hard drive which was duplicated to a second hard drive. … Continue reading Something to Say Again

How I Created the La Paz Image

It seems that my previous post created a bit of a stir with a few requests for a tutorial added to the site and many more sent by email. I have therefore bowed to public pressure and added a tutorial to my Lenscraft site describing how the image was captured and then processed. There may … Continue reading How I Created the La Paz Image

Another Example of False Infrared Colour

In my last post I shared an example of the false infrared colour technique and explained how it was achieved. I also confessed that in general I don’t like the effect, although in some cases it does work well. I thought it would be good to share another example that I think works reasonably well … Continue reading Another Example of False Infrared Colour

Olympus OMD EM5 Colour Profile

I admit that it’s been a while coming but I have finally managed to shoot the XRite ColorPassport in suitable lighting conditions to generate a profile for the Olympus EM5. To be honest, I didn’t expect the new profile to achieve much as the EM5 produces good colours already and in any event, Lightroom includes … Continue reading Olympus OMD EM5 Colour Profile

How did it look at the start?

After I posted this black and white image taken from near the summit of Great Gable in the English Lake District a number of you wanted to know what the starting image looked like. Well here is it.   Looks great eh and you can immediately see how I turned it into the finished version … Continue reading How did it look at the start?

Friday Image Tutorial

The tutorial describing how I created an A2 version of the Friday image is now live on Lenscraft. You can download it using this link There is quite a useful technique described of how to create an edge mask to prevent noise reduction damaging edges. I hope you enjoy.

Friday Image Step by Step

I had a request over the weekend to provide further details about how I did the Silver Efex conversion for the Friday 003 image. So here is a high level breakdown of the work. Step 1 - Start with the end in mind This involved looking at the image and understanding how I wanted it … Continue reading Friday Image Step by Step

New Image Factsheet for Download

I'm sure some of the regular readers will recognise the image above as I have posted it in the past. My reason for posting it again here is to let you know that the image processing fact sheet to accompany this is now available for free download from the Lenscraft website. Download Image Factsheet Now … Continue reading New Image Factsheet for Download