Topaz Texture Effects Book Launch

I’m very pleased to be able to announce that my latest book “From Photography to Art with Topaz Texture Effects” has now been published and is available on Amazon. The book covers in detail how to use the Texture Effects software and provides two full length examples for you to follow. In common with my … Continue reading Topaz Texture Effects Book Launch

New Book Launch – Black & White Mastery

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new book “Black & White Mastery: Adobe Lightroom Edition”. The book is aimed at the beginning and intermediate black and white photographer, who wants to get the most from Lightroom. No other plug-in’s, software or filters are involved; everything is done in Lightroom. As with all my … Continue reading New Book Launch – Black & White Mastery

Photoshop Layers Book Launched

Ever since I published my book “Essential Photoshop” I have received regular requests for a follow up book. The original book was designed to give the Photoshop beginner all the essential skills required to be able to enhance their photography. It’s been a great success and many people have given good reviews on Amazon. What … Continue reading Photoshop Layers Book Launched

Photographing North Wales

I recently posted an article about a new book I had purchased which described photographic locations in The Peak District. Spurred on by my success in finding such a great book I decided to see what other photo location books were available for the UK, and which might cover locations I regularly visit. That’s when … Continue reading Photographing North Wales

Peak District through a Lens

For those readers that don’t know, I live in an area known as Saddleworth in the North West of England. It can be quite a harsh environment but it can also be quite beautiful, cutting into the top edge of the Peak District. Despite having easy access to the Peak District I seldom photograph there, … Continue reading Peak District through a Lens

Topaz Detail for Landscape Photographers

I'm pleased to announce that my latest book “Topaz Detail for Landscape Photographers” has been published on amazon. The book is very much in the style of my previous releases. It's concise (around 170 pages), well illustrated (130 screenshots) and geared to helping you understand how to use Topaz Detail effectively. The book covers the … Continue reading Topaz Detail for Landscape Photographers

Reminder to all Photoshop Users

Just a little reminder to all you Photoshop users out there. This weekend my book "Essential Photoshop" is free to download from Amazon. Just go to your local Amazon website and search for "Essential Photoshop" or "Robin Whalley" in the Kindle store. On Saturday and Sunday you will find the book is available for free. … Continue reading Reminder to all Photoshop Users

Latest Book Published

I'm pleased to announce that my new book is now available on amazon. It's titled "Beginning photography the right way: Taking control of the camera". I decided to write this book following many conversations with photographers, some quite experienced experience, who really didn't understand the core skills of camera control. Whilst they knew about terms … Continue reading Latest Book Published

Christmas Book Sale

I'm reducing my Nik eBooks in price to either £0.99 each or $0.99 each (depending on which amazon site you use). Now unfortunately the offer is only available on or so if you don't or can't buy kindle books from either of these you won't be able to take advantage - sorry, that's … Continue reading Christmas Book Sale

New Book and Free Book

I'm usually really excited to be announcing a new book launch but recent events have somewhat dulled my enthusiasm. I received the final edit over the weekend and as always my editor has done a great job. I thought about delaying this but then decided I wanted to try to regain some normality. I also … Continue reading New Book and Free Book