Topaz Detail for Landscape Photographers

Topaz Detail for Landscape Photographers
Topaz Detail for Landscape Photographers

I’m pleased to announce that my latest book “Topaz Detail for Landscape Photographers” has been published on amazon. The book is very much in the style of my previous releases. It’s concise (around 170 pages), well illustrated (130 screenshots) and geared to helping you understand how to use Topaz Detail effectively. The book covers the entire program and includes three examples which illustrate how you can use Topaz Detail to create quite dramatic improvements to your photography.

You can download the high resolution example images from my Lenscraft website allowing you to follow along with the book. In the Members Area of Lenscraft you will also find supporting videos which you can view without buying the book. And for anyone who hasn’t already purchased Topaz Detail there is a discount coupon code to be used when making a purchase (or you can download a 30 day trial version from the Topaz Labs website). In all, this is a comprehensive package covering a very useful piece of software.

The book is available from amazon priced USD3.99, GBP2.99 or similar in your local currency. Please note that prices may vary slightly due to recently introduced tax rules. For customers in the US and UK the links to the book are shown below.

For customers in other countries please search for “Topaz Detail for Landscape Photographers” on your Amazon website.

2 thoughts on “Topaz Detail for Landscape Photographers

  1. I know I am a little late with this but I was actually reading and using the book before giving an opinion. Thanks so much for writing it. Before I bought the book I was using Topaz minimally, I never had the time and the incentive to go to their website to read the tutorials and frankly, those tutorials were not very helpful to me for some reason. Your book was easy to understand, and it was written in a progression that made it easy for me understand and try its features. Money well spent. I left a review for you on Amazon and I hope that other photographers will have the opportunity to use this book and the program.

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