Christmas Book Sale

Nik Start to Finish-book

I’m reducing my Nik eBooks in price to either £0.99 each or $0.99 each (depending on which amazon site you use). Now unfortunately the offer is only available on or so if you don’t or can’t buy kindle books from either of these you won’t be able to take advantage – sorry, that’s amazon’s rules not mine.

The sale runs from 1am 19th December to 11pm 21st December. So if you are thinking of adding one of my titles to your library and you use either of these sites, this weekend is a good time to buy.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Book Sale

  1. I’m waiting for Amazon to change pricing on your special .99 offer. Still at $2.99 as far as I can tell.

  2. FYI its the 22nd here in NZ and the PS book is still showing as $3.49 as are all the others also at full price 😦

    I have 4 of your books already and would have liked to collect the set.

    1. Unfortunately the offer can only be made on the .com and sites. If you are unable to purchase kindle books from either of these sites then you won’t be able to get the reduced prices. I have been in touch with amazon and they confirmed they do have future plans to allow these offers to be made on other sites but wouldn’t give any timescales. As soo as this feture becomes available I will be repeating the offer for the sites that missed out.

      1. Oh I buy from .com sucessfully but the problem is many of the deals that Amazon do are ONLY viewable in the US – they aren’t accessible globally unless specifically set.

        I checked your books over the special period and I never saw them discounted so I can only assume it was set for US based customers.

        It can be set for International customers as well, I get reviews and special updates from a couple of book review blogs and most of them are not set available outside the US (the Canadians get grumpy about it too) but a few of them are.

        *shrug* didnt know if you knew that, not sure if you have any control over it but might be handy for future deals you do to make sure you get your full customer base.

      2. These are Kindle countdown deals and there is no way to set up an international option. As amazon have explained it to me the pricing is taken from the buyers location and as yet there is no way to override this. In case I have been informed wrongly and there is a way you are aware of, here is a link to an image of a Kindle Countdown Deal being set up. If there is a way to open this up to an international audience it will remove a big headache for me.

        Kindle Countdown Deal Admin


  3. I followed for 3 days and the prices did not change. They changed on the UK site but I cannot get them from there.

    1. The offer did run on the .com and site for those who use those sites. People in other locations were unable to take advantage of the offer. This is a limitation of amazon who only allow me to make the offer on these two sites at present. I have been in touch with amazon and they confirm they do have plans to provide this capability in other locations but won’t put a timescale on it. As soon as they do I will be repeating the offer for those locations that missed out. It’s certainly not my intention for anyone to miss the offer but I am dependant on amazon.

      1. Replying here as I have run out of options to reply in my thread above. Thanks for the link, I see your challenges.

        I think the problem here is the way you worded the original post – you see most of the world will use either the .com or .uk sites. The issue is the deals only work if you actually LIVE in either the UK or the US. Amazon can tell what country you are in – you used to be able to fake it but they figured it out and stopped it.

        So if like me you live in NZ and use the .com site I don’t see the deals.

        A small point but as you have discovered has big ramifications cos MOST of the world doesn’t live there LOL

        As to my previous point, there are deals I can have access to, I can only assume instead of using the deal page you posted a link to, they just change the base price at the origin (Im guessing here) that way everyone can access it?

        Not sure if this helps but the bit about where you live in the world in relation to the .com and .uk sites is important and might help next time you do a deal 🙂

      2. Thanks for your thoughts. I have previously tried to reduce the cost price of the book but I can’t. There is a minimum price set by amazon based on the size of your book. As my books are quite graphics heavy they are already piteched at the minimum price. I will continue to press amazon to roll out these deals to other counties but I will also be thinking up something special for next year which won’t be restricted.

      3. They are an excellent price and well worth the investment, I look forward to adding more to my collection

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