Reminder to all Photoshop Users

Sony RX10, ISO80, f/4.0, 0.5" exposure. Tripod mounted.
Sony RX10, ISO80, f/4.0, 0.5″ exposure. Tripod mounted. Processing in Nik, Alien Skin and some dodging and burning with layer blending in Photoshop.

Just a little reminder to all you Photoshop users out there. This weekend my book “Essential Photoshop” is free to download from Amazon. Just go to your local Amazon website and search for “Essential Photoshop” or “Robin Whalley” in the Kindle store. On Saturday and Sunday you will find the book is available for free.

For users of the UK site here is the link on and for the US site its BUT its free on all sites and not just the UK and US.

I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

17 thoughts on “Reminder to all Photoshop Users

    1. That’s because of the way Amazon determines which day it is. It’s still Friday in the UK and US. Try again tomorrow and it shold be free. You will need to use your local amazon store for your country. In the past I have found going to another coutries store causes the original price to show.

      1. Yeah I’m in New Zealand, we don’t have an individual country store so I use the U.S. One

  1. Why no love for Aussies. Despite buying 4 of yr books can never get any of yr free offers on the Australian amazon

  2. Thanks for the reminder about your book. Doesn’t look like it’s a freebie, which is the one I have to use. Thanks, Janet

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  3. Hi Robin,

    Went to the Amazon UK Kindle store today looking for your book. I can’t find it by searching under the title or your name.


    Jim Chadwick

  4. Hi Robin: I wrote you yesterday to let you know that did not have your Photoshop book on for free. Well I checked today and they did. I just downloaded it and took a peek at curves and levels (which is what I want to learn). Looks terrific. Can’t wait to try out your instructions. I have bought quite a few of your books (all very worthwhile) so it is nice to be ‘rewarded’ with a freebie. Thanks a lot, Janet

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  5. Hi Robin, thanks for your speedy reply about the Lee five seven filter system. I have decided to order a set but just one query. I was going to get the polariser which clips on to the front of the adaptor but other users say it is too far away from the lens and creates reflections of tripod and fingers.n have you any experience of this? I would be keen to have a polariser and this design seems to be the only one Lee offers.
    Many thanks.

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t have any experience with using a polarising filter on the Seven 5 filters. However if the polariser is too far from the front of the lens it could well cause reflections. It’s equally possible that poor quality glass UV filters could do the same so take others opinions with a pinch of salt. Why not try contacting Lee Customer services and say that you are nervous because you have heard of this problem. Then if you do find it to be an issue you should be able to return it for a refund. Something else to be aware of is that reflections such as this only tend to happen when the camera is at a certain angle to the sun and the sun is bright.

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