Fuji RAW file Conversion Challenge

Following my last post which explained my experience with various RAW converters and ranking RAW Therapee as the best, I have received a few emails. I can only think they are from disgruntled Adobe employees. Let me be the first to say that I want someone to prove me wrong – I would love Lightroom to be the best converter as I have been using it for years and have a lot of time tied up in its workflows.

To say that I am keen to learn how to improve the results from the Fuji RAW files as an understatement so I am issuing a RAW file conversion challenge to anyone who wants to take it up.

If you use Lightroom and are interested, follow this link to my Lenscraft website. Here you will find the rules of the challenge together with a link to a zip file which you can download. The zip file contains the RAW file I used for the testing in my last blog and a JPEG produced using RAW Therapee. If you can match the results from RAW Therapee post the settings, you have used as a comment either here or on the website. I will validate the results and we all get to learn how to produce great results in Lightroom.

Thanks for reading and hopefully participating.

4 thoughts on “Fuji RAW file Conversion Challenge

  1. Dear Robin,

    I have regularly read your newsletters for several months.
    I have been using a Fuji x-E2 for 3 years and, like you, recently bought an X-T1.

    The X-T1: Despite te E2 share the same IQ, is lighter, less bulkier and has a RF camera style (more ergonomic design to me), I found the X-T1 a much, much more enjoyable camera to use, mainly due to its bigger EVF, tilting screen, main settings direct controls and a better grip.

    X-trans II sharpness and waxing issues with vegetation: it’s a problem I have encounterd often, with my 3 lenses including the highly regarded 35mm f1.4 . The last LR CC version seems to have improved things, but certainly not solved them. I have found raw conversion with Silkypix only marginally better. For some subjects, even my sony RX100 v1 delivered much sharper and less mushy images. Thus I bought a (much discounted) Sigma DP2 Merrill for landscape shooting. Great camera, stunningly sharp images, great colors (though not entirely natural), but fixed lens and a very poor post-processing software.

    Thus I very much appreciated your exploring severall x-trans raw files converters . Very good work, clear, sound, right to the point. Very usefull conclusions which give me hope to eventually get good landscape pictures with the X-T1 and the nice fuji lenses (+Samyang 12mm f2). I just have installed RawTherapee and am in the process of learning how to use it properly.

    I hope you will keep on sharing with us your experiences and tips with x-trans raw converters


  2. Robin,

    I have been following your post regarding Fuji raw files. To be honest if I couldn’t get my images to a state that I am happy with, using the probably the largest distributor and developer of raw file conversion software ie: Adobe I personally couldn’t be bothered to purchase such a product, and I actually am a Fuji fan I have used them both as a happy snapper and for commercial product photography. Sorry if you think my views are negative but Fuji needs to get their act together with their own RAW converter. They have never done this even in the early days, and I know I tried to use the software that came with the camera. I personally think Fuji want to use jpegs OOC with little or no processing necessary which is what I submitted to in the end, and I still use an ancient Fuji S2 and S3 Pro. I would never upgrade to a new Fuji product until they address this issue.


    Alan Jones

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Alan. RAW Therapee is free although I have to admit to purchasing Irident as its very good. I would lover to use Adobe again for RAW conversion and perhaps I will be able to when I work through all the information from people. Based on some of the comments, there appeares to be more to the problem than just changing settings.

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