Gripped by Infrared Photography

The sun has been out all week here which can only mean one thing – it’s about to rain. That means that I need to get out with one of my infrared cameras before it starts. The weather is perfect for infrared photography. Bright sun, blue sky, and a huge amount of contrast in the … Continue reading Gripped by Infrared Photography

It’s Whit Friday Again

Today is Whit Friday and in Saddleworth that means only one thing – the Band Contest. It’s often described as “the greatest free show on earth” (providing you like Brass Bands). I sat outside to drink my coffee earlier as the weather is unusually sunny. Whit Friday is well known for raining heavily here. Even … Continue reading It’s Whit Friday Again

When Are We Cheating?

I’ve been flat out working on several projects over the past few weeks and haven’t managed to do any photography. Instead, I decided to work on some old images from a trip to Bolivia in 2014. This is something I like to do from time to time to see how old RAW files respond to … Continue reading When Are We Cheating?

Buy The Best Lenses Possible

This past week, I’ve been going through some of my old images from 2008 when I visited the US. I like doing this as it’s always interesting to see how well the latest software will process these old RAW files. Here’s a good example. Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona This is Horseshoe Bend near to Page … Continue reading Buy The Best Lenses Possible

Sunset Photography on Burbage Edge

Last week, I shared a landscape image that I’d taken from Burbage Edge on the Peak District. I used it to talk about the quality of my Panasonic G9 micro four thirds camera and Leica lenses. But the real reason that I was on Burbage Edge wasn’t to test the quality of the G9. It … Continue reading Sunset Photography on Burbage Edge

Micro Four Thirds Delivers The Goods

Yesterday, I met up with a friend in the Peak District for some photography. The day before, I spent a lot of time wondering which camera should I take. The choice was to go with my Fuji XT3 which is the camera I use most often. Alternatively, I could take the Panasonic G9 micro four … Continue reading Micro Four Thirds Delivers The Goods

My Changing Photographic Taste

A couple of weeks ago, I was out in the Peak District visiting Higger Tor. It was bitterly cold at the time and had been snowing earlier in the week. That’s when I shot this image. View from Higger Tor in the Peak District It’s a single exposure, taken with the Fuji XT3 and Fuji … Continue reading My Changing Photographic Taste

Snowshoeing in Austria is a Photographer’s Dream

Last week, I didn’t post anything to the blog. That’s because I was out of the country, snowshoeing in the mountains of Austria. I can still feel the stress of climbing steep slopes in my knees, but the views were worth it. Unfortunately, as you can see from this shot, there wasn’t much in the … Continue reading Snowshoeing in Austria is a Photographer’s Dream

Happy New Photo Year

It’s the start of a new year and I hope that it’s a great one for your photography. There are lots of New Year Resolution posts and emails doing the rounds so I won’t add to them. Instead, I want to share an image that I shot back in October 2019. Sunset view from Higger … Continue reading Happy New Photo Year

Photographing the First Signs of Winter

I was laid up ill for most of last week. This week I’m feeling a lot better but still not 100%. I did however manage to get out for a brief (very chilly) walk on Wednesday. It’s been below zero here for the past week, even during the day. I headed up the hill to … Continue reading Photographing the First Signs of Winter