Friday Image No. 105

Scalber Force, Settle, The Yorkshire Dales.
Scalber Force, Settle, The Yorkshire Dales.

I love this waterfall. It’s called Scalber Force and is just outside of Settle in the Yorkshire Dales. I actually shot this image back in April and in colour it doesn’t look good. But converted to Blakc and White it seems to work ok.

It seems though as if I were there just yesterday. I can’t believe that Summer has been and gone. I think I need to get out more.

Have a great weekend everyone.

6 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 105

  1. That is really spectacular! But you say summer has gone? We have until Sept. 22 before we step into Autumn. Isn’t it the same for you in England and her surrounds? I know that, for folks New Zealand and Australia, it starts officially on the first of September.

    1. It probably is about the same but I can tell Summer is over. When I get up in a morning there is condensation on the inside of the window. You can feel the change of the seasons in the air. All very exciting as its becoming Landscape weather.

  2. No criticism of the photo as such – lovely composition. But for myself I can notice I’m getting a little tired of turning water into milk – whether it’s coloured milk or monochrome!

  3. I like to add one shade of colour back in to my monochrome images. In this one, I’d pick a shade of green, for instance. In a wider shot that includes the sky, I’d add the blue of the sky back in, may be.

    Here’s a shot I took of Glen Maye, Isle of Man, converted to mono using Nik Silver Efex Pro and then a bit of the green channel pasted back in:

    Glen Maye, Isle of Man

    And here’s a shot of Scarlett Point, Isle of Man, with the scarlet of the coastguard lookout tower pasted back in.

    Scarlett Point, Castletown, IoM - Monochrome

    I used Photoshop CC to do this but I presume it can be done in Lightroom, too.

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