Google Releases Entire Nik Collection for FREE

I can hardly believe it but it’s true. There’s no catch and they are even promising a refund for those of us who purchased the software. Here is the link

If you haven’t downloaded the software do it immediately before they come to their senses.

19 thoughts on “Google Releases Entire Nik Collection for FREE

  1. Good news in one sense, but likely this means little or no more updating of the tools. No revenue….

      1. Not contesting that, but for those who paid (and that’s NOT what this is about, the paying) and have been using it, failure to update means it gradually loses relevance and usability as OS and image processing software changes. Very little has been done since Google took it over. Fine for now, and price is right, but you get what you pay for 🙂

  2. Hi Robin Thank you so much for passing this info on. Downloaded and ready to try it out. Much appreciated Best regards Les Garner

    > On 24 March 2016 at 20:52 The Lightweight Photographer

  3. I’m a little confused – the Google-Nik web-site seems to indicate that this is a 15-day free trial:


    More affordable than ever

    You don’t have to choose between plug-ins — now you get the full set for one low price. You can take the whole collection for a spin with a 15-day free trial.


  4. Thanks for sending this on Robin. To think I almost bought it last week ! I think google are one of the best out there. After-all can we really believe that google earth is free and you can go and look at any location, anywhere in the world. Google drive is excellent too. Sorry . . . . . that’s enough google pushing. Thanks again Robin.

    1. It’s great news. I recall when they bought out Nik, reduced the price of the software and gave everyone a refund who had bought it previously. I’m also hoping it means more potential purchasors for my Nik books.

  5. Many thanks for the information Robin – sorry, I’m a bit late onto this one. Can confirm though that Google refunded my purchase costs today for the software, so they are being very true to their word. As you’ve said before, let’s hope they do continue to update the software for the future. many thanks for the heads-up!

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