About the LWP

Hi, I’m Robin Whalley, a Landscape Photographer and Author from the North West of England. If you’ve just come across this blog, you may be wondering why Lightweight Photography. It’s a reference to my love of lightweight or mirrorless cameras. This came about from the collision of two events.

My initial interest triggered when I began seeing great new photography taken on compact cameras. At the time I was lugging around a heavy DSLR and several Lenses. Sometimes it would even be a Medium Format film camera and lenses.

The other thing I noticed was my neck and later back. I was in my late thirties and already experiencing painful problems. Much of this was from sitting down and bad posture, but hanging a heavy camera around my neck didn’t seem to help. That’s when I decided to switch to Micro 43 cameras and later Sony and Fuji mirrorless equipment.

Whilst this hasn’t solved my back problems, it has allowed me to continue with photography. It’s also made me realise that a lot of people are struggling to use heavy equipment in the mistaken belief that mirrorless cameras are a poor substitute.

This blog is about helping correct that view.

But it’s also about my passion for photography, experimentation and a constant push to improve my work. I hope you enjoy it.

Robin Whalley


I almost forgot, I should tell you about some of the other places you can find me.

Lenscraft (my website): https://lenscraft.co.uk

Lenscraft Training (video courses): https://lenscraft.teachable.com

You Tube (photography videos): https://www.youtube.com/c/robinwhalley

Amazon Authors Page: http://amzn.to/2D07QWZ