Friday Image No. 85

The view from Blackstone Edge. Sony RX10 3 shot stitch.
The view from Blackstone Edge. Sony RX10 3 shot stitch.

As regular visitors will know, I recently decided to pursue a personal project to document the moorland near to my home and share some of the views from the area. Today’s image is another from the series taken with the Sony RX10 which I am liking more and more these days. It’s right at the limit of the 200mm lens and I was struggling to hold the camera as steady as I would have liked. Despite this the image prints very nicely at A3 and is actually 15” x 37” as it’s a 3 shot stitch.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 85

  1. Super dramatic picture! Would be interesting to know how much was in camera and what if any pp.

    1. Hi John. It’s a dramatic departure from what was captured by the camera but its very close to what was in my head. I had been viewing a lot of Nick Brandt’s work recently and was feeling inspired. I thought I would try to recreate something from my Moorland work. Keep in mind, I tend to expose to the right and then correct (sometimes heavily) in post production. I may post a before image at some point if people are interested.

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