Friday Image No. 86

Sony RX10, ISO80, 1/160" at f/5.6
Sony RX10, ISO80, 1/160″ at f/5.6

Have you ever tried to photograph a tree trunk with a full frame or even an APSC sensor camera? It’s very difficult and you often need to resort focus stacking because you can’t get the depth of field you need. This is one of the advantages of the smaller sensor cameras such as they can give greater depth of field.

I shot this particular image near to my house using the RX10 which has a 1” sensor. It’s sharp and crisp from corner to corner despite my zooming in to pick out a portion of the tree trunk. I also ran off a print at A3 and the quality is exceptional.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 86

  1. i really like this shot – colour, texture, framing , the lot. And yes, I agree about smaller sensors being very useful sometimes (often!) and with the 1” sensors that are around now, we seem to have landed with a very good compromise.

  2. Excellent. Great shot!
    I use my Sony Rx100 M3 for many close shots with , I think, good results. It’s my most used outdoor camera.

    1. Thanks for the positive comments.
      I used to have a Sony RX100. It was super camera for outdoor work. The only reason I sold it was because it suffered from red fringing around the edges of the lens in very bright conditions. I believe they solved this problem in later versions.

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