Another EM5 Posting

Taken with a Panasonic GX1 converted to shoot infrared. Post processing in Alien Skin Exposure 7.
Taken with a Panasonic GX1 converted to shoot infrared. Post processing in Alien Skin Exposure 7.

I’m excited. I have bought a second EM5 body given the recent drop in prices. It’s second hand but has a low shutter count. In fact I didn’t want a new EM5 as I am going to get this one converted to Infrared.

When I had the GX1 converted I used a company called ACS. They did a good job but took an age to do the conversion. This time I have spoken to a company called ProTech who a friend has used for a few conversions.

I hope to take delivery of the camera this weekend and then it’s off for the conversion. I hope to be able to report back in a few weeks time and make some comparisons regarding image quality.

8 thoughts on “Another EM5 Posting

    1. Thanks. Pleased you like the image. To be honest I don’t have the guts to convert one of my cameras if I love it. That’s why I bought another used one. I think you form an emotional tie to your equipment. It’s much easier to buy another body, check it works then send it off.

  1. Hi Robin, Can you please tell me how much Pro Tech are charging to do the Infra Red conversion as I am thinking of getting a camera converted. Also can you let me have their details. Many thanks. Best regards Paul ​

  2. Would love to hear how you process the GX1 images? Do you have presets of certain color adjustments?

    1. The first thing I do is convert the RAW image. That usually involves a boost to the contrast, exposure and whites. After that I like to convert to B&W in either Nik Silver Efex or more usually Alien Skin Exposure 7. I prefer Exposure as it has great control of Grain and also includes Halation sliders. One of the reasons the old Kodak HIE infrared film was so popular is the ghostly halation effect. You don’t get this effect with a digital camera and so it needs to be simulated. I’m working on an Infrared photography book at the moment which covers processing in some detail. I hope to have it out within 3 months.

  3. Wondering if you are having it converted to a built-in IR filter? Or going the Full Spectrum route. I have a Sony A55 that has been converted as full spectrum, and I use a number of filters with it such as 590nm, 665nm, 720nm or 830nm. Each filter has a much different effect.

    1. I have opted for the 720 filter but said I am also happy for a 665 if they don’t have the 720 in stock. I decided against the full spectrum as a couple of my lenses won’t take filters and some of the others are different sizes.

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