This Camera Rocks

First, I must apologise for the visual pun and poor quality of my humour. I also must admit to a rather strange fascination with rock and a desire to photograph rock. I can’t put my finger on why but I just love the texture and sometimes the colour of rock. The image above is typical … Continue reading This Camera Rocks

Changing My Mind Again

I have written in the past about two things that I would like to give an update on. The first is the software I use to perform Infrared RAW file conversion. The other is my impressions of Photo Ninja. As you will see in a moment the two are now linked. When I first ha … Continue reading Changing My Mind Again

Day Out with an Olympus

I won’t bore you with the details but all of my free time (including that I use for blogging) has vanished, at least for the short term. I am actually putting this blog together whilst trying to eat some lunch. Yesterday however I was fortunate to have a day out on a photography course designed … Continue reading Day Out with an Olympus

A Short Break

It’s been a very busy month and its set to get more hectic for me. I have quite a lot on in the run up to Easter so I am going to take a short break from the blogging for a couple of weeks. Rest assured I will be back soon with new material and … Continue reading A Short Break

LX5 Book Launched

After my previous post, I am no longer feeling sorry for myself and am well on the road to recovery. In fact I am feeling quite satisfied as I have finally completed my book “The Panasonic LX5: How to Achieve Exceptional Image Quality” which has been on the go since November last year. As the … Continue reading LX5 Book Launched

Lightroom Profile for Sony RX100

I have been trying to create a new camera profile for my Sony RX100 in Lightroom for a few weeks but had been unable to get the software for my Passport Color Checker to work properly. I have now traced the problem to the new version of DNG files that Lightroom 4.3 creates (Lightroom 4.2 … Continue reading Lightroom Profile for Sony RX100

Missing the Obvious Again

I have just answered a question posted on yesterdays blog and it made me realise I am missing the obvious again. This time it was that most people reading my blog have probably never seen a direct conversion from a RAW infrared file. Neither will you probably know what all this problem is with white … Continue reading Missing the Obvious Again

Missing the Obvious

I am always on the hunt for new ways to do things that can improve my photography. You only need to achieve a few small quality improvements and it can quickly add up to dramatic improvements in your work. One area that I had been exploring was RAW converters and some of you might have … Continue reading Missing the Obvious

Last of the Snow (for now)

Well the snow came as predicted but in nowhere near the volume warned by the ever panicky media. Where I live in Saddleworth the snow can really pile up and I have known the road across the moor to be closed for months with snow drifts deep enough to cover cars and vans. The 4-6 … Continue reading Last of the Snow (for now)

RX100 Processing Error – Oops

In my earlier posting about my experiences with the Sony RX100 I mentioned that the results were very sharp and that when printed looked almost unreal. Well, I have a confession to make in that the error was mine it appears. In the past I have used a number of RAW converters and I often … Continue reading RX100 Processing Error – Oops