Higger Tor Frosty Landscape

Today’s post will be a short one. I’ve been laid up ill all week and haven’t been able to do much.

Outside I can see that we’ve had the first real frost of this winter. As I haven’t been out, I decided to share a shot from the start of this year which was the last time I can recall there being a frost.

View from Higger Tor in the Peak District

I shot this at Higger Tor in the Peak District, shortly after sunrise. You can see the sun rising to the left of the frame although it’s shrouded in a bank of fog. The unusual stones at the bottom centre of the frame are known as the Kit-Kat stones – I can’t think why.

The camera I used was a Fuji XT3 with Fuji 10-24 lens at 24mm. It’s a tripod mounted exposure of 1/7 second at f/13.0 and ISO160. I processed the RAW file using DxO PhotoLab 6 which has become my default RAW converter for the Fuji. I then followed that with some work in the Nik Collection.

Despite being laid low by this bug, I did manage to publish a review video of the new ACDSee Photo Studio 9 for Mac. You can watch it on YouTube now https://youtu.be/b8cI9VJ-g1U to hear my croaky voice.

I hope you like the photo and have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Higger Tor Frosty Landscape

  1. Foreground, mid and distance? Great example. The mist finishes it off nicely.
    It’s the name that got me! Where on earth did that come from, Higger Tor!

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