Photographing the First Signs of Winter

I was laid up ill for most of last week. This week I’m feeling a lot better but still not 100%. I did however manage to get out for a brief (very chilly) walk on Wednesday. It’s been below zero here for the past week, even during the day.

I headed up the hill to the top of our small village. Then past one of the local farms and up an old lane. That’s where I came across this old chap walking his dog and had a brief chat – about the weather – what else. As I watched him head off with his dog, admiring his balance on the ice, I took this shot.

Winter landscape

I used a Panasonic G9 with Leica 12-60 lens. It’s a handheld exposure of 1/200” at f/8.0 and ISO160. I made the RAW conversion using DxO PhotoLab and applied a few adjustments with the Nik Collection.

The Week’s YouTube Video

This week’s video looks at creating a black and white conversion in Affinity Photo using the black and white adjustment layer ( The approach is simple but it’s something that a lot of people overlook.

As this is probably my final post of 2022, I’ll end by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

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