More Dull Weather Photography

This week, I want to share a final image from my recent dull weather photography video on YouTube. This time the image is in black and white rather than colour.

View at The Roaches

I shot this using the Fuji XT3 together with the Fuji 10-24 mm lens at 14 mm. The exposure was a 1/9” at f/13 and ISO160. I then processed the image using Lightroom followed by some localised contrast adjustments in Photoshop to produce the shot you see above. If you’re wondering what the original looks like, you can see it below.

Original image before editing

Personally, I feel that the Lightroom processing has made a significant improvement on what was originally a very dull image. If you’d like to see the processing, I’ve published that is a YouTube video this week as well. Here’s the link to watch it.

Finally, for anyone waiting for the print edition of my book “Mastering Photoshop CC Layer,” it’s now available on Amazon using the link This will redirect you to the print edition of the book on your local Amazon website.

I hope you like the image and videos and have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “More Dull Weather Photography

  1. Nice image Robin. I must admit I have been finding the new range tools in LR impressive and very capable, such that for many shots I haven’t felt the need to go outside except for Denoise work. That said that’s been mostly on iPhone raw captures recently but I imagine they will work equally well if not better on my Fuji.

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