Wet Woodland Photography

I’ve made a couple of outings recently to photograph the landscape, but the weather typically hasn’t played its part. Usually, the conditions have been dull, grey, and overcast. Eventually, I decided I’d had enough and would use the weather to my advantage by shooting a YouTube video about photography in dull conditions.

Last week I shared one of the more successful images from the day and this week I wanted to share another that I like.

Woodland study at The Roaches

This is taken using my Fuji XT3 and Fuji 16-80 lens at 52mm. It’s a tripod mounted exposure of 1/3” at f/10 and ISO160. I hope to look at the processing of this shot in a later video because the scene has grown on me. I think that it’s the rich colours created by the diffused light and wet trees.

When I shot this, I remember feeling almost smug that the weather was finally working in my favour. Unfortunately, this thought was soon wiped from my mind as the rain and wind started. Now the sensible thing would have been to pack up, but I was already invested in making a video and so I had to keep going. If you want to see what happened next, here’s a link to the video on YouTube.

I hope you like the image and video and have a great weekend.

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