Updating Equipment and Software

The Langdales from Blea Tarn. Fuji X-T2, 55-200 lens.

I don’t know about you but my email in box has been flooded with email over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. It has though provided me with two opportunities:

  1. A great time to unsubscribe from a lot of lists of people who only want to sell me stuff but don’t provide additional value.
  2. Some investment opportunities to purchase new equipment and software. My wife tells me this is called shopping but I think it’s investing.

One of the investments I was able to make was a new Fuji 50-200mm lens. I was able to purchase this little gem new, for the same price as a used model when you take into account Fuji’s cashback.

Now, I have owned one of these lenses before, but it was returned for repair following poor results. To cut a long story short, it was eventually traded towards a new 50-140mm lens with extender. This is an excellent lens which I still have and use. This last statement may cause you to wonder why I have now purchased the 50-200 lens.

The answer is a simple size and weight. The 50-140 lens is great but it’s very big and heavy whilst the 50-200 is smaller and lighter. Next year I’m planning a few longer treks and backpacking trips with the Fuji X-T2. I therefore wanted to invest in the smaller and lighter lens.

At the weekend, I had the opportunity to try out this new lens. So far, the results look very impressive. The lens has captured a huge amount of detail and is very sharp when viewed on screen or printed.

The only area which I haven’t been able to test properly is the 200mm focal length. Whilst I did shoot some images at that focal length, they appear a little soft. I do though think this is due to poor lighting conditions, causing a longer exposure of several seconds. Whilst the camera was tripod mounted the wind was very strong. I think much of the softness is related to the conditions rather than the lens.

In addition to the lens, I made a couple of software investments with upgrades to both On 1 Photo RAW and Alien Skin Exposure. I will be sharing my thoughts about these in the near future; there are a couple of surprising developments in both to mention.

8 thoughts on “Updating Equipment and Software

  1. I added a few new lenses to my gear too. B & H had some fantastic prices on mft lenses so I had to upgrade to some newer and better lenses.

  2. Got to agree with you on point 1) – I’m now minus about 15 companies including 2 who were managing to send 3 per day and still claiming their manager / admin / IT etc had made a mistake so the ‘sale’ would continue for another few hours / days / lifetimes perhaps.

    In fact I didn’t see anything I really needed remotely near a true bargain, but I did get a good deal from one of my more regular shops on panasonic’s new 100-400 lens.

    1. That does seem to be their favorite tactic at the moment. Send out multiple duplicate emails then apologise with an extended discount. If I didn’t buy when you sent me the first three emails, why do you think I will buy now when you make the same offer again. I have been through my emails and unsubscribed from around 50 lists which were sending me mail daily. It’s made quite a saving on time.

      I’m interested in the new 100-400 lens myself. I still have my EM5 MFT gear and love it.

  3. Yes. I received way too much spammage over the last week. I should unsubscribe and save the electrons.

  4. I too took advantage of Cyber sales and finally invested (I agree with you on that!) in the Fuji x-t2. I’ve been a Nikon shooter for 25+ years and am now struggling with lens decisions. I just go the kit lens as it’s my first foray into mirrorless shooting but so far I love it. Interested in the 50-140 vs 50-200 comments as I’m thinking of one or the other as my next purchase. Love your photo on this one!!

    1. I’m pleased you like the Fuji, it’s a great camera.
      Both the 50-140 and 55-200 are excellent lenses. I use the 50-140 with a 1.4x converter and the results are great across all focal lengths and apertures. In that respect it’s superior to the 55-200 where there is a slight softening at the long end (but hardly noticeable). The advantage of the 55-200 is that its smaller and lighter. I tend not to use the 50-140 off a tripod but the 55-200 I will shoot handheld. You probably need to handle both to make up your mind (assuming price isn’t a problem).

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