Friday Image No. 160

Yesterday I visited Harrogate, taking my wife to an exhibition. Whilst I was in the area I decided to visit Bolton Abbey. Last time I visited I was at school so that that should tell you it was a very long time ago. I also decided to take along the Fuji X-T2 in case any photo opportunities presented themselves.

The drive to Harrogate and then Bolton Abbey was much longer than expected due to the traffic and rush hour accidents, but the weather was lovely. That was until I reached the Abbey. As I got out of the car the rain started. After that, I managed a few grab shots between showers before the heavy persistent rain set in.

The image you see here was shot using the Fuji X-T2 and 16-55 lens. The storm lighting was amazing and I didn’t need to use any filters for this. Post processing was carried out using X-Transformer to convert the Fuji RAW file to DNG format. This was then processed in Lightroom using the Provia colour profile.

Although I only managed around 30 minutes of shooting, it was good to be out with a camera.

Have a great weekend.

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