Upgrading Exposure

Porth Kidney Sands, Cornwall. Olympus EM5 and 12-40mm lens. ISO200, 1/640″ at f/7.1. Processing in Exposure X2 with the Velvia 100 film simulation.

I have finally taken the plunge and upgraded my copy of Exposure from Alien Skin. This is a great all-purpose piece of editing software which I tend to use as a plug in to Photoshop. What I really like are the film simulations.

I already owned Exposure and was resisting the temptation to upgrade. What really changed my mind was a 40% discount and the other Alien Skin tools thrown in. These were Blow up for enlargement and Snap Art for painting special effects. I’m not really one for painting effects but since upgrading my iPad I have started to draw more. I’m finding packages like this provide a nice yet creative break from work.

I’m now under more pressure to find time to experiment with the new version of Exposure and learn how to best use the new Layers feature.

4 thoughts on “Upgrading Exposure

  1. This looks a very interesting program – have you compared it to ON1 Raw – although exposure X2 is quite a bit more expensive – they seem quite similar?
    Kind Regards

    1. You should be able to achieve pretty much the same with both applications in theory. I do though think On1 is more flexible but slower to process than Exposure. Exposure is also easier to use and doesn’t have quite such as steep learning curve (although its becomeing more complex). Both of these give excellent results and now cause less artifacts/noise than Nik.

  2. I had been watching for the sale of Exposure X2 for a few months. When the bundle went on sale I bought it the same as you had. No regrets at all. I like the effects I get with this program and the addition of Blow up is handy to have.

    Eye Candy also went on sale a few weeks later so I picked that up for a bargain price also.

    You just have to monitor these sites for the sales events.

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