Friday Image No.144

View from Stanage Edge, The Peak District. Fuji XT-2, Acros film simulation with yellow filter. 18-135mm lens. ISO 200, 1/25″ at f/10.0

I captured this image last weekend in the Peak District. The day had started with fog then turned to sun and then finally rain. There didn’t seem to be much point shooting so we wandered up to Stanage Edge.  Despite visiting the area many times, I have never been to Stanage Edge. I’m now certain I will return when the weather is a little better.

At this point, I decided to do something that I don’t normally. I switched the Fuji to shoot mono and started to experiment with the different film simulations. I was quite taken aback by how different and good these made the scene appear. What was quite a flat, dull scene becoming interesting and appearing to have light that wasn’t obvious without the camera. Yes, I have enhanced the image here but I would never have shot this had I not tried out the film modes.

Have a great weekend.

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