Friday Image No.122

Trees on the mountain. Sony A7r + Canon 70-300 USM lens.
Trees on the mountain. Sony A7r + Canon 70-300 USM lens.

This week I thought I would share an image I shot last weekend in the Lake District. This image was captured from the banks of Thirlmere looking across the lake towards the Helvellyn range. I shot the image using my Sony A7r using a Canon 70-300mm lens. It’s a single shot in RAW format, converted in Lightroom and then tweaked a little using Nik Viveza.

At the time I was shooting this I was complaining bitterly about having to use the Sony with an adapter. The adapter is supposed to support auto-focus but it’s so slow its useless. Instead, I was manual focusing by zooming in on a point using the camera display and then trying to set the focus. For some reason, I was finding it difficult to focus and threatening to go back to using a Canon full frame. It was only when I loaded the images onto the computer in Lightroom that I could see they were spot on with focus.

I suspect I was finding life too easy shooting with the Fuji XT2 (which I was using alongside the Sony). I’m very pleased I didn’t give up on the Sony as it produced some excellent images.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget my book is free to download this weekend. Just search for “Mastering your camera” on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Friday Image No.122

      1. Hi Robin,im enjoying your book very much thanks,i would like to ask your advice.
        There are some very good reasonably priced Samyang manual focus lenses that are appealing to me,looking at the 35mm or 50mm at the moment.
        What is your opinion of manual focussing versus AF,i like the idea as it seems it might make me think more before shooting.
        I have a Sony A7 and have just acquired a cheap 135 minolta MF lens and find it quite inspiring me to use.

        Many thanks in anticipation.


      2. Thanks Chris, I’m pleased to hear your enjoying the book.
        My experience with Samyang lenses is a little limited and I have never used one with the Sony. I did have a 14mm lens with the Nikon full frame which displayed quite a bit of distortion but was very sharp. The build quality of the lens was excellent. I also have a Fisheye for the Micro 43 camera which again has excellent build quality. I’m very impressed with this lens and it’s amazingly sharp, even in the corners. It would certainly persuade me to try other lenses in their line up if I were short of anything.
        Have you thought about trying some of the old Canon FD lenses with the Sony? They are very cheap and very sharp if you stop them down to F8. Used wide open they aren’t very good so it depends on your intended use.

      3. Hi Robin.
        Thanks for your reply,it was more your opinion on using manual focus i would like but appreciate your opinions given on the samyang and canon lenses.

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