Yorkshire Dales in Black and White

Limestone pavement in the Yorkshite Dales near Malham.

As we’re still indoors I’m working through my huge archive of past images rather than shooting new material. Whilst it’s frustrating in one sense, it’s great in another. I’m spotting lots of images that I really like and I’m posting them to my Instagram page. Limestone pavement in the Yorkshire Dales near Malham. Today though, … Continue reading Yorkshire Dales in Black and White

Sony – Setting the Record Straight

Regular readers of this blog will recognise that I haven’t always been complimentary about Sony and their customer service. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like Sony, it’s that I’ve always had problems with their products and service. Despite this, my Sony RX 10 and Sony A7R excellent cameras. The Sony … Continue reading Sony – Setting the Record Straight

Friday Image No.122

This week I thought I would share an image I shot last weekend in the Lake District. This image was captured from the banks of Thirlmere looking across the lake towards the Helvellyn range. I shot the image using my Sony A7r using a Canon 70-300mm lens. It’s a single shot in RAW format, converted … Continue reading Friday Image No.122

Bracketing Limitation Workaround

Fuji XT2 six image HDR

From time to time I like to shoot multiple sequences of images at different exposures. I then blend these either with HDR software or using luminosity masks in Photoshop. My Olympus EM5 makes this very easy. I call up the bracketing option in the menu, set it to the number of exposures I want and … Continue reading Bracketing Limitation Workaround

Friday Image No.80

Yet another snow scene for this Friday’s image I’m afraid. It’s another of the images I shot a few weeks back and I seriously need to get out to shoot some new material. Unfortunately, the weather still isn’t good whenever I have some spare time. Fingers crossed for tomorrow when I will try again. Anyway, … Continue reading Friday Image No.80

Moving Over to Sony

As many of the regular readers of this blog know, I am a diehard Micro 43 user and think these cameras (especially the Olympus EM5) are superb. Last year I conducted an experiment (a very expensive one) in which I purchased a Nikon D800 to compare performance. The D800 was a fantastically capable camera from … Continue reading Moving Over to Sony