Friday Image No. 112

Rock and heather in the Peak District. Fuji XT1. Conversion in Lightroom.
Rock and heather in the Peak District. Fuji XT1. Conversion in Lightroom.

For this week’s Friday image, I thought I would show another shot that’s more heavily processed than my usual style. I shot this a couple of months back when the heather was in flower. The light was quite poor being high in the sky and blue from the presence of all the cloud. Here is the before and after comparison in case you’re wondering what it looked like.

Before and after comparison
Before and after comparison

The conversion was performed totally in Lightroom. I’m sure this image won’t appeal to a large audience but if anyone would like to know more about the conversion, let me know and I will record and share a video.

Have a great weekend.

19 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 112

  1. Please I am sure there are more people like me who would love to see your process for the bnw heather shot.
    Thank you for your generous sharing. I also find your book easy to follow and constructive.

  2. I love the dark, moody interpretation and would like to see the post processing conversion.

    from James


  3. Hi I love that conversion it makes a completely different photograph
    I wish I could do that.

  4. I, too, would be interested in more detail about your heather shot, whether that be in a post or video.

    I’m particularly interested in not only the heather “structure,” but how you accomplished the clouds “structure” only in Lightroom. I usually go to Nik SEP2 or other plugins, as I haven’t found the right combination of sliders in LR6 to do just that. If you’re presenting in LR CC, please include workarounds for those adjustments that may not be readily available in LR6 (like local whites/blacks or haze filters which are available only as global plugin adjustments).

    Thanks again, Wei

  5. It certainly appeals to me. I would be very interested in the conversion using Lightroom. I especially like the way you have brought out the definition in the clouds.

  6. Definitely I would like to know about the conversion! The resulting photo is quite dramatic without being overly so.

  7. A very impressive image Robin will be interested to see the B&W conversion.
    Best Wishes.

  8. That is a very successful conversion – and has produced an image that has drama that the colour version lacks. That’s why I love the B&W medium.

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