Friday Image No. 166

Hollybush Spout, Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Earlier in the week I popped up the Motorway (a couple of hours) to the Yorkshire Dales. As the weather was nice we decided to do the Waterfalls Walk at Ingleton. We like the walk and often extend it by walking further up Whernside to explore the scar. Although I took plenty of shots from … Continue reading Friday Image No. 166

Friday Image No. 105

I love this waterfall. It’s called Scalber Force and is just outside of Settle in the Yorkshire Dales. I actually shot this image back in April and in colour it doesn’t look good. But converted to Blakc and White it seems to work ok. It seems though as if I were there just yesterday. I … Continue reading Friday Image No. 105

Friday Image No.65

I love Friday’s. It’s the one time in the week when I feel that I can justify working on any image that I like in order to share it with people. I don’t need to care if it’s what people want, all that matters is that I like it. That’s an incredibly liberating feeling as … Continue reading Friday Image No.65

Friday Image No. 64

It’s another waterfall image this week I’m afraid. This is one of the falls at Keld in the Yorkshire Dales. The weather wasn’t too kind but it doesn’t usually matter when shooting waterfalls or forests. In fact I like the wet weather for this type of scene as it makes the foliage glow with colour. … Continue reading Friday Image No. 64

Friday Image No. 52

I'm afraid I'm late again and having to post this week's Friday image on a Saturday. I had intended to get everything read for yesterday but by the time I got home it was just too late. Hopefully this image is one that you like and which will make up for the delay. The image … Continue reading Friday Image No. 52

One for the Weekend

Not a long post today but I thought I would share one of the images I have been working on. This is Thornton’s Force in the Yorkshire Dales (UK). A friend and I had visited the Lake District to shoot Landscapes but the rain had come in so we reconsidered our plans. We checked our … Continue reading One for the Weekend

Fixing the Weakness of the GX1

If you have been following my Lightweight Photography blog you might remember a post I made discussing the Achilles Heal of the GX1. At the time I had been out with my 5D and GX1 shooting waterfalls. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to achieve a slow enough speed with the GX1 to create the images I … Continue reading Fixing the Weakness of the GX1