Friday Image No. 100

Bamburgh beach, Northumberland. Shot about 30 minutes after sunset in Winter. Canon EOS 300D.
Bamburgh beach, Northumberland. Shot about 30 minutes after sunset in Winter. Canon EOS 300D.

When I started publishing a Friday Image I never dreamed that I would reach 100 but here it is. I shot this image almost 10 years ago using a Canon 300D DSLR. This was the first affordable consumer DSLR and cost me around £900 with a kit lens. At the time I was shooting 35mm film with a Canon EOS3 and a Pentax 67 MKII medium format kit. I had considered buying an XPan but decided I wanted to try digital.

Today, I’m going back over the RAW files of the day and reprocessing some. The quality of the image that this camera produced is amazing when you use the latest editing tools. It’s also only now that I am able to produce the image from the RAW file that I envisaged. Previously the colours just didn’t work and the shadows were completely blocked up and black.

The image was converted from RAW in Lightroom and then enhanced in Nik Color Efex. I used it as an example for my latest video on You Tube if you want to see what I did.

Have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 100

  1. Interesting. My first DSLR was a Nikon D100 that produced only jpeg files. At least that’s all that was accessible to the user. Did your Canon provide both RAW and joeg?

  2. I too bought a Canon 300D about ten years ago as my first digital SLR. I was shooting weddings at that time with medium format film and thought about incorporating the Canon into some of the less critical, more candid shots, but I never liked this camera as it did not offer the ability to adjust the over and under light balance. I ultimately gave it to my daughter who rarely uses it in favor of a mobile phone/camera. However I did subsequently buy a mint used Canon D60 (not the 60D) which was a six megapixel camera and second, after the D30, for some wedding work and that was much better. I still have this camera with the battery grip and it looks almost brand new. Based on your excellent tutorials with NIK Color Effects Pro, I am overly curious to shoot that camera again and see what it can do. There was always a strong opinion that the sensor in that camera had some kind of magic. I am going to see what that might be and compare it to my Canon 60D. Again, excellent YouTube tutorials that you are offering. Thanks, John Marsh

    1. I do know the D60 which had very natural colours and a quality sensor. It felt to me as though Canon moved away from this style of image with the exception of the 1D which always seemed to retain a slight quality edge to my mind. Very heavy though. Great that you’re enjoying the Video tutorials. It’s always encouraging to hear.

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