Processing the Wind Farm Image

The other week I published an image similar to this.

Finished wind farm image
Finished wind farm image

Well for those who are interested (and quite a few people emailed me), here is the starting image.

Starting image of the wind farm prior to any adjustment
Starting image of the wind farm prior to any adjustment

If you want to know the processing steps I posted the tutorial on Lenscraft. Here’s the link.

4 thoughts on “Processing the Wind Farm Image

  1. I get your emails and enjoy reading them. I was struck today by how your relatively minor manipulation of the photograph of the wind farm changes its tenor from one of relative tranquility to one much more forbidding, (removing the color, enhancing the clouds and the land). I spend a fair bit of time exploring how the use of words affects our perception; this is an excellent example of how one picture can be changed to change how we view a subject — perhaps from seing the farm as being relatively unaffected by nature to seeing how it can be threatened by nature.

    Don Spady

    1. Thanks Don. To be honest, I hadn’t thought of it like this before. When I look at a scene that I’m thinking of photographing I like to think of how the finished image might appear. Usually, something catches my imagination, in this case the heavy clouds. That tends to spark my memory of images that I like and might borrow from to create the finished work. You’re now making me think about my process which is a good thing.

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