Friday image No.027

Olympus OMD. All processing in Lightroom
Olympus OMD + 25mm prime lens. All processing in Lightroom

This week has just run away with me again. I think the problem (besides too much work and my mum still being ill) is that I love to experiment. I have just spent the last hour developing some Lightroom film-like presets. So I decided to save some time and share a recent image processed with one of the presets – no other adjustments, just a Lightroom preset.

Have a great weekend everyone.

4 thoughts on “Friday image No.027

    1. Thanks Alan. Yes there is grain in there. I shot the image at ISO800 but it still looked a little too smooth when printed so I added a nice soft grain. The prints still not gritty but has taken on a rather creamy texture. Quite pleasant actually.

  1. Love the texture/patina on the body of the tap! I’ve a painting like your photograph – leaves more to the imagination than it shows.


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