Nik Color Efex Book Launch

Nik Color Efex Pro: How to transform your photography
Nik Color Efex Pro: How to transform your photography

I am really pleased to announce that my latest book “Nik Color Efex Pro: How to transform your photography” is now available on Amazon (Link to and It has an introductory price for the month of April of just $2.99 (£1.85 in the UK and other countries are similarly priced in their relevant Amazon stores).

The reason I’m so pleased to announce this is that it’s a huge book. It’s 230 pages in A4 format and contains almost 300 illustrations. Months and effort and research have gone into creating this one and I’m really pleased with the results.

If you’re not familiar with Nik Color Efex Pro it is an amazing product. It contains 55 filters that can be applied to enhance your image in an almost unimaginable variety of ways. A lot of Nik software owners seem to shy away from using it because it offers so much choice and flexibility. There is also very little documented on its filters and functionality so this book provides an invaluable reference tool for users.

View book on

View book on

2 thoughts on “Nik Color Efex Book Launch

  1. I can’t get the $2.99 price.

    For some reason it shows $2.99 on the search page but after I click in to buy it shows $4.99….

    1. Hi Samuel,
      The first thing I would check is that you are using your local Kindal store. By that I mean if you are in Canada thatr you shop in the Canadian Kindle store and not the US. Additional taxes get levied if you are not shopping in your own country and for some location you can’t make the purchase. For example I can’t buy in the US store because I am recognised as being located in the UK. If this isn’t the problem I would report it to Amazon using the contact us service. I have found them extremely helpful in the past.

      I’m sorry but my knowledge of amazon is a little limited.


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