Something for Nothing

One of my old Sony R1 images processed in Perfect Effects. The software creates a nice artistic effect.
One of my old Sony R1 images processed in Perfect Effects. The software creates a nice artistic effect.

Photography has been through a very odd transformation over the past 10 years. In the pre-digital era good photographs were relatively rare from amongst the amateur community. Also equipment (I mean really good equipment) cost a fortune and wasn’t really affordable by amateurs. Sure there were a few talented people but most images evidenced problems. The digital era has turned all that on its head and now everyone is a photographer with the ability to turn out pro quality images.

Whilst this has led to a higher demand and usage it’s also lead to a glut of great photography. People who are using images now seem to want photographers to literally give away their images. Basically people expect something for nothing from photographers but it’s rare that the photographer can get something for nothing. That’s why I want to share something with you.

As many of you will know, I am a heavy user of Nik filters and have been for probably the past 4 years now. What you might not know though is that I am also a user of the On-One Software filters and have been using their products for around 8 years now. The other night I happened to be browsing their website when I came across their free products section and found you could download a free version of Perfect Effects 8.

As I already have the full Perfect Photo Suite I can’t install this version but if it’s anything like the Perfect Effects in the Photo Suite it’s well worth having. Here is the link to the free download and whilst you are there, check out the free presets for Lightroom and similar software also.

Have fun.

8 thoughts on “Something for Nothing

  1. Thx for the data, although they don’t seem to work with photo ninja glad to see a wonderful image from a Sony R1, the most of my (amateur) pictures are from this camera.

      1. Thanks for the reply, but noise ninja (noise reduction) is now integrated in Photo Ninja (raw converter). I bought my R1 a year ago and for day pictures the photo ninja raw converter is great, but for night lightroom is more ideal. Said that I tried to run the perfect effects but my laptop is not supported cause its video is oldie… grrr

      2. I also use Photo Ninja as it provides some of the sharpest most detailed conversions I have seen with the Micro 43 cameras (great with the R1 also). Having said that I am more productive with Lightroom so tend to use that for all but my fine art work. That’s bad news about the video card and perfect effects. I’m actually envious of your R1. I sold mine a few years back and still regret it. I thought I had exercised the ghost when I bought the RX10 but the weather has been so poor I haven’t really got to use it properly.

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