Working with Textures

One thing that I really enjoy doing is working with texture files. I like the surprise of the new and enjoyment of creating something more akin to art than photography. I don't often share this sort of work as many people don't class it as photography and quite a lot don't like it. But if … Continue reading Working with Textures

Something for Nothing

Photography has been through a very odd transformation over the past 10 years. In the pre-digital era good photographs were relatively rare from amongst the amateur community. Also equipment (I mean really good equipment) cost a fortune and wasn't really affordable by amateurs. Sure there were a few talented people but most images evidenced problems. … Continue reading Something for Nothing

New Tutorial Live

My latest Lightroom Tutorial is live and available for free download from my Lenscraft website. It’s published in PDF format and goes live ahead of publication on ePHOTOzine. The last tutorial proved very popular and I am always open to suggestions for future articles. Membership of Lenscraft is free and you will gain access to … Continue reading New Tutorial Live