New Book Launch – Essential Colour Management

Essential Colour Management
Essential Colour Management

I am pleased to announce that my new book “Essential Colour Management: What every photographer needs to know” has launched and is available on Amazon (Link to and for $3.99 and £2.49. Other countries are similarly priced in their relevant Amazon stores.

I don’t know of any photographer who has not suffered from colour management problems and I am fre3quently contacted by some of those suffering. This is a disjointed and complex area of photography that many people struggle to understand and gain control over. I know what this feels like as it took me more than a few years of testing and research to understand everything I needed to know.

This new book condenses this subject into the essentials you need as a photographer. It provides the key information in an understandable format. If you are a registered member of my Lenscraft Website (membership is free) you will shortly be receiving notification of the $0.99/£0.99 sale dates.

4 thoughts on “New Book Launch – Essential Colour Management

  1. Robin, do you cover recent iMacs in this book? I have a late 2012 model running Mountain Lion and am having the devil’s own job getting this calibrated with the X-Rite hardware.

  2. Hi Robin

    I have purchased a copy and recommended your site and publications to the Colchester Photo Soc.

    Kind regards

    Martin Gould

    Sent from my iPad


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