Viveza Book Launched

I started using Viveza out of curiosity and it’s become an essential part of my colour workflow. I can achieve complex edits in minutes that would have taken me hours in Photoshop previously. It’s also allowing me to work almost exclusively in Lightroom.

This is just a short post to share that my Viveza book (covering Viveza 2) is now live in the Kindle store on Amazon. It’s priced at USD2.99 which comes out at about GBP1.94 depending on the exchange rate. The book covers all aspects of using the Viveza 2 software and is backed up by image files that can be downloaded from the members’ area of my Lenscraft website.

If you have never tried Viveza I can promise that it will speed up your image editing hugely and that it’s well worth trying the 15 day free trial from the Nik website. My book would of course help you get more out of the evaluation – but then I’m biased.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

After the very relevant question from Paul I thought it best to add this link to the Free Kindle Reader download on Amazon as it’s not easy to find.

More Lightweight Photographer posts next week.


5 thoughts on “Viveza Book Launched

    1. At the moment yes. Viveza is a specialist niche so there is little interest from traditional publishers because they just can’t make it pay. I also think the Kindle platform is great. Even people without Kindles can download a free Kindle reader and use it on their PC, Mac, Tablet and smart phone. It also means I can share information very widely at minimal cost for everyone (apology for the short Kindle commercial).

  1. First time visiting your site and finding an actual EBook focused on Viveza is well, sweet. First, I’m like the most laziest editor. I consider myself a photographer albeit amateur yet still a photographer. I enjoy hours of shooting, not editing. Photoshop and even Lightroom is designed for those commercial artist that just happen to be good with a camera! I’m kind of the exposure, metering and check my histogram type guy. Get it right or close to it, within the camera. I’m a DXO Optics Pro user and fan. Gotta love automated edits.

    Came across Viveza and started the trial (via Irfanview) really wanted Color efex (another easy esiting format! Heh.) but tried this just for kicks. Simple interface, interesting concept and point and click adjustments! Yup I was sold on it. After reading your table of contents the selection strategy is really what Im looking forward too. Fingers crossed that its a solid instructional read.

    1. Great to know there are other Viveza lovers out there. I also use Color Efex which is on my list for a future book.

      I hope the selection strategy section lives up to your expectations and if you still have questions you know where to find me. All the best Robin

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