Why I use Nik from Photoshop

Why I use Nik from Photoshop

Recently I posted a video on You Tube explaining why I like to use the Nik Plugin’s from Photoshop rather than Lightroom. This came about because in all my Nik videos I start with a RAW file in Lightroom This is then converted to an image that I edit in Photoshop. A couple of people [...]

Installing Camera Profiles in Lightroom

My latest video is now live on You Tube. You can subscribe to my channel using the link below https://www.youtube.com/user/rnwhalley/featured or watch the video here (please note the video doesn't show up in email, only on the blog). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2_qZWGjtMY If you’re a Lightroom user and aren’t familiar with changing your Camera Profile, be sure to [...]

Friday Image No.101

Here’s one for all you fans of Black and White. If you’re wondering what the colour image looked like at the start or the processing I used, it’s all covered in a short You Tube video. View You Tube Channel You might find it rather surprising if you haven’t seen it before. Have a great [...]

You Tube Video: Nik Color Efex Essential Landsape Filters

For those of you who are Nik users, you might be interested in a new video I uploaded to You Tube. I’ve had a lot of correspondence in the past where people have struggled with how to use Nik Color Efex and why it’s different from Viveza. Generally speaking, Color Efex is all about adding [...]