You Tube Video: Nik Color Efex Essential Landsape Filters

Boats moored on the banks of Derwent Water at sunset, Keswick. Canon EOS300 + Sigma 10-20mm lens.
Boats moored on the banks of Derwent Water at sunset, Keswick. Canon EOS300 + Sigma 10-20mm lens.

For those of you who are Nik users, you might be interested in a new video I uploaded to You Tube. I’ve had a lot of correspondence in the past where people have struggled with how to use Nik Color Efex and why it’s different from Viveza.

Generally speaking, Color Efex is all about adding special effects to your work. But there are also a few of the filters that I think are essential. These can help you improve your photography or correct problems very quickly and I use them regularly with my own work.

This video looks at the first of these filters, which was used to enhance the image above as well as correct a serious colour cast. Even if you don’t currently use Color Efex you might find the video interesting.

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6 thoughts on “You Tube Video: Nik Color Efex Essential Landsape Filters

  1. Hi Robin, I for one am delighted you’ve started making these videos. Having bought several of your books I’m a great admirer of your teaching style & it comes across equally well in these bite size videos. Please keep up the good work.

  2. Robin,

    There may be something wrong with the Tube presentation. It stalls after running for a couple of minutes. This does not happen with the Viveza video nor with other videos that I tried. It happens consistently.


    > On Jul 14, 2016, at 1:24 PM, The Lightweight Photographer [Masked] <FWD- > >

    1. Hi Ron,
      I’m not sure what’s happening. I watched it through last might and I have just watched it through again and I can’t see an issue. Can you advise at what time in the video it stalls so I can check specifically at that point.

      1. I’ve watched it twice and not experienced any stalling (using Google Chrome browser here). Thanks Robin for another useful video. Now waiting anxiously for the next installment 🙂

      2. Thanks for confirming. I was wondering if I needed to upload it again but it sounds like a glitch. There are a couple more essential filters to come so keep watching or better still subscribe to the channel.

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