I May Have Solved My Colour Problem

Ever since I started shooting more with my Panasonic G9, I’ve been complaining that the colours don’t look quite right. The problem started with sunsets. When I looked at the images in Lightroom the colours looked somehow false. Yellow and orange seemed a particular problem and often translated into grass that looked a little too … Continue reading I May Have Solved My Colour Problem

Best Fuji Profile for Green

If you’re a Fuji shooter who uses Lightroom to process your RAW files, I’m sure you will appreciate the excellent Fuji Colour Profiles. Although Lightroom provides a default Adobe Standard profile, it’s often worth experimenting with some of the other Fuji profiles found in the Camera Calibration tab. In the past, I have tended to … Continue reading Best Fuji Profile for Green

Roll Your Own Camera Profiles

Have you ever wanted to tweak the camera profiles in Lightroom? Or perhaps you have wondered how Camera Profiles are created? Perhaps you don’t like the profiles that ship with your camera and want to create something better. This short video introduces you to a great free tool from Adobe that allows you to generate … Continue reading Roll Your Own Camera Profiles

Installing Camera Profiles in Lightroom

My latest video is now live on You Tube. You can subscribe to my channel using the link below https://www.youtube.com/user/rnwhalley/featured or watch the video here (please note the video doesn't show up in email, only on the blog). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2_qZWGjtMY If you’re a Lightroom user and aren’t familiar with changing your Camera Profile, be sure to … Continue reading Installing Camera Profiles in Lightroom

Don’t Forget Camera Calibration

There is an often forgotten panel at the bottom of the development controls in Lightroom’s Develop module and that’s Camera Calibration. Here you can select the profile that’s used to convert the RAW file into an image. It sorts out how image data in the RAW maps to colours and tones in the finished image. … Continue reading Don’t Forget Camera Calibration