Blue Hour on Stanage Edge

Yesterday after lunch, I headed over to Stanage Edge in the Peak District to meet a friend. The weather forecast looked good, and I was hopeful for a repeat of the great light from a couple of weeks ago on Carhead Rocks.

After meeting up at Stanage, we spent an hour walking the edge to pick the best locations. We found 4 compositions we thought would work given where the sun would set. It was then a matter of waiting for the sun to dip and the light to improve.

At one time in March, you wouldn’t see anyone other than the odd walker midweek. And so, it was yesterday, at least until about an hour before sunset. That’s when the “youth” appeared in their droves and all our plans went out of the window. There wasn’t a point when the edge seemed filled with people waiting for the sun to set.

Personally, I think it’s great so many people, especially young people, want to enjoy the sunset. The only objection I have to the strong smell of weed, playing loud music and then leaving litter and empty beer bottles behind.

Anyway, the sunset which looked like it would be amazing, fizzled out as the sun dipped behind clouds on the horizon. Then the people left, and the edge was deserted again. Like always, we waited until after the sunset so we could catch the light of the blue hour. I often feel this is some of the best light for photography and today’s digital cameras can capture wonderful images even when you struggle to see.

Blue Hour on Stanage Edge in the Peak District

This image was captured using my Fuji XT3 with Fuji 10-24 lens at 15mm. It’s a tripod-mounted exposure of 5.3” at f/11.0 and ISO400. I then processed the image using DxO PhotoLab 5 followed by the Nik Collection.

Next Affinity Photo Lesson

Before I leave you to enjoy your weekend, I just wanted to mention that the second lesson in my free Learn Affinity Photo Fast course is now live on YouTube. There are a few more lessons still to come so please share this with anyone you know who wants to learn photo editing using Affinity Photo.

I hope you like this week’s photo and have a great weekend.

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