A Wet Day in the Woods

Last weekend I headed over to the Roaches in Leek to film a YouTube video about photography in dull weather. Whilst the day started very grey and overcast, it deteriorated into heavy, driving rain and high winds. You can never trust the UK weather forecast.

Anyway, I’ll be publishing that video later next week, but for now, I wanted to share this shot.

Wet tree trunk. Fuji XT3 with 16-80 lens.

When it’s overcast, woodland always works well, especially if it’s wet. This was shot with the Fuji XT3 and Fuji 16-80 lens at 80mm. It’s taken with the camera mounted on a tripod with an exposure of 1.6” at f/14.0 and ISO160. I also used a polarising filter to take away some of the glare from the wet wood. It’s done a nice job of saturating the colours.

I hope you like the shot and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “A Wet Day in the Woods

  1. Very nice “woodsie” shot – you can almost smell the moist atmosphere. Without asking for a detailed explanation, was this shot one of those Fuji film simulations or an edited raw one. You seem to imply the main success here lies in the use of a polarizer. I guess I’m coming from the popular idea of Fuji X users strong opinion of using JPEG film simulations over RAW editing. This always leaves me wondering if its a Fuji interpretation or that of the photographer. Anyway, you imply that you are going to cover this type of shooting in an up-coming video which I can look forward to, but perhaps you could share some thoughts about the simulation vs. editing issue and when or if to use either.

    1. Thanks John. This was shot in RAW and personally, I see no benefit in shooting JPEG for the kind of work. Shooting RAW you have access to the same film simulations as those shooting JPEG but with the additional flexibility of the RAW file. As for the image, I did some processing but it didn’t take much. The “success” of the shot was in my opinion down to the diffused light and polariser reducing reflections off the wet tree and surroundings. I have the video scheduled for Thursday this week so not long.

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