The Unexpected Image

I’ll start with an apology, as I haven’t posted anything for the past two Friday’s. Unfortunately, commitments got the better of me and I was away both days and didn’t have time to schedule a post in advance.

Last Friday I was in the Lake District, filming clips for YouTube videos. Whilst there, I had what I consider a fortunate experience – an unexpected image.

I love unexpected images. These are the shots that you think will never work, but you fire off a couple of frames just in case. Then when you come to look at them on your computer you find they are like a diamond. Here’s my unexpected image.

Brothers Water, Lake District

I almost didn’t shoot this because the foreground was so cluttered and messy. I tried to get into a better position but there was only a tiny space at the side of the lake. That’s when I thought “what the hell” and shot it anyway. Now that I’ve processed the scene, I love the image, although it’s best viewed large.

I shot this using my Panasonic G9 Micro 43 camera with Leica 8-18 lens at 9mm. It’s a handheld exposure of 1/60” at ISO200 and f/8.0, and I didn’t use any filters.

It just goes to show that sometimes it’s worth trying even when you think something won’t work.

New Book Launch

This past week has also seen the launch of my new book, Mastering Photoshop CC Layers. This is the second edition of my Photoshop Layers books which I’ve completely rewritten with lots of new material, examples and exercises.

Mastering Photoshop CC Layers

You can find out more on Amazon (affiliate link) where it’s available as an eBook priced at £6.49 (or similar in other currencies). I’m now working on formats for other online retailers which I hope will be available by the end of the month. There will be a print version but that’s some 4-6 weeks away because of the additional steps in print layout and checking proof copies. I’ll share more in a future post.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Image

  1. Dear Robin, I love the image. You are right, it is best to use a larger monitor than the phone, because of the cluttered foreground, but aspide from this the image is lovely.

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