Yorkshire Dales in Black and White

As we’re still indoors I’m working through my huge archive of past images rather than shooting new material. Whilst it’s frustrating in one sense, it’s great in another. I’m spotting lots of images that I really like and I’m posting them to my Instagram page.

Limestone pavement in the Yorkshite Dales near Malham.
Limestone pavement in the Yorkshire Dales near Malham.

Today though, I’m going to cheat a little. I posted this image to Instagram earlier and decided to share it here. Believe it or not, I’m short of time.

The image is from the Yorkshire Dales in April 2016. The area is just above Malham as you head towards Malham Tarn.

I shot it using a Sony A7R with a Canon 24-70 L series lens (I’ve sold both since this was taken). The exposure is 1/25” at f/16 and ISO100. I had the camera mounted on a tripod and used a 2 stop ND Graduated filter on the sky. I did the black and white conversion using Nik Silver Efex Pro followed by some dodging and burning in Photoshop using Luminosity Masks.

Lenscraft April Newsletter

Something else that I’ve been working on is tutorials for my website and the April newsletter. The newsletter’s published in the early hours of Saturday (UK time). If you’re not subscribed you’ll be able to read it here https://lenscraft.co.uk/lenscraft-photography-blog/photography-newsletter/ on Saturday 4th April.

This month’s newsletter contains links to all the new tutorials as well as a lot of resources from around the internet. I’ll also be giving away one of my courses to all subscribers to help people fill their time with some productive learning.

I hope you like this week’s image and have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Yorkshire Dales in Black and White

  1. Dear Robin,

    Thank you so much for including your beautiful photography here: Not all of us want to use Instagram or Facebook.

    This picture of yours, is one of my favorite BW pictures. Made me think of George Tice and Weston.

    Re NIK Silver Efex: I have it with DXO Elite 3, but I have never been able to access any of the NIK Collection 2 (I use DXO as standalone). Unfortunately I have not been impressed with DXO Customer Service, so if you have any words of wisdom how else to get help, I’d love to hear it, because I am getting pretty upset.

    Wishing you the best of health,

    Barbara R

    1. Hi Barbara, there is a common misconception that DXO Elite 3 includes the Nik Collection. It doesn’t. All they did was integrate the Nik Collection where it’s installed. If you don’t already have the Nik Collection, you can still get the free Google version. Given there’s not been much change since that version you might want to try that first. Here’s the link to an article I wrote about how to get the free version https://lenscraft.co.uk/photography-blog/can-i-get-the-nik-collection-download-free/

      It is possible you will encounter some bugs when using the free version. This seems to depend on the computer and operating system used. It’s still worth trying though as a lot of people say it works fine.

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