Friday Image No. 186

Froggatt Edge, The Peak District
Froggatt Edge, The Peak District. Nikon D800, 16-35mm lens, ISO100, 2.5″ at f/16.0. Kase 3 stop Reverse ND Grad.

Last night I ventured out with a good friend to shoot Froggatt Edge in the Peak District. In all honesty, I never have any luck shooting sunsets in the Peak District. Typically, the cloud will close in at the last minute and the sunset is lost.

But this friend seems to be one of the luckiest photographers I know. Every time he goes out with a camera he has good light. And last night was no exception as you can see from the image. We were treated to a truly spectacular sunset. It was also refreshing to see a group of youngsters sat on top of the rocks on the right. They had driven over to the area and walked up on the edge just to sit and watch the sunset.

I hope you like the photo and have an equally spectacular weekend.

13 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 186

  1. Lovely image Robin, sounds like you need to hang out with your friend more often.
    I am a little confused though. Your text says it was shot last night, but the photo info is the D800, which I thought you had sold. Did you reacquire one and I missed the entry?

  2. Nice image robin but not so lightweight photography, I remember the lx5 article I joined your site for and marvelled at the results the little lx5 could produce, for such a small camera but I suppose D800 is small compared to d4 etc with large 2.8 glass 👌

  3. Ha! My initial reaction (apart from ‘great image’) was why did you choose a D800 over the XT-2? Having read the comments above I’m awaiting your teasing answer.

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