Friday Image No.184

Genoa, Italy.
Genoa, Italy. Fuji X-T2, 18-135 lens. ISO400, 1/25″ at f/10.0.

Today is the world famous (at least in some circles) Saddleworth Band Contest. Some of you may recall the film “Brassed Off” where one of the scenes features the band visiting the contest but getting so drunk they could hardly play. Someone clearly did their research when writing the plot as there is a propensity for bands to pay particular attention to their hydration.

Unfortunately, today after what has seemed like a prolonged period (at least a week) of fabulous weather, the heavens have opened and it’s raining. Nothing unusual for Band Contest day.

As I sit writing this I can hear the first of bands playing so I guess it’s time to finish up and join my wife who’s helping at the check-in tent. I’m therefore going to leave you with another image from my Italy trip. This time it’s from Genoa where I happened to be passing an entrance and saw the image above. I think this is part of the university but I’m not sure.

I hope the weather is better where you are and that you have a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “Friday Image No.184

  1. Robin,

    I particularly enjoyed your backstory about the film “Brassed Off”, as I enjoyed it very much some time ago when it first came out. It is a popular addition to our US cable & satellite TV selections, so I will have to look at it again. And I hope your weather clears enough for the not too overly hydrated musicians to perform, & that you have a good time (maybe even get a few pictures). And your weekend well wishes are appreciated since this is our Memorial Day Weekend to remember family, friends & military service members no longer with us.


    1. You must watch it again Jed. There are a few scenes filmed in our village. Actually, if you watch the film Yanks, that was also filmed in our village. They re-enact one of the scenes at the local pub each year. I had also wondered what “Memorial Day” was so thank you for clearing that up for me. I suspect it’s similar to our Remembrance Sunday where we all walk up to the War Memorial on top of the hill overlooking the villages. The band plays there as well – it’s a heck of a climb up there carrying musical instruments as well.

      1. Hello Robin,

        Thanks for this information about your village’s depiction in these films. I don’t know the exact origins or time frame, but what is now our Memorial Day started out as Decoration Day when communities & families decorated the graves of fallen soldiers with flags and flowers. So there is a similarity to your Remembrance Sunday, maybe without the hill climb for me at least here in our CA desert. We do have a nearby National Cemetery for military veterans, as well as a local one with a very nice veteran’s section. My wife & I usually go there to pay our respects on Memorial Day

  2. Hello Robin
    Nice, you reminded me to watch Brassed Off once again! Wish you nice time at tha Band Contest. Years ago, I was part of a band too. You are right: We have never had any problems with hydration, although I do not know how we managed – we were students without money and our parents did not earn much either. But we managed and never were thirsty… Those were nice times…
    Thanks for the picture too. A week ago I returned from a long trip to Italy and visited Genoa too. Sadly, I did not pay attention enough and missed the entrance.

    I bought a couple of your books and am in the middle of the Photoshop book. Very good for my needs; there are numerous books on PS around, which are too long, and even more on special problems. They are certainly good, but mostly too long and demanding on knowledge of PS. Your approach is exactly the right measure for me!

    1. Hi Robert, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Italy. It’s a lovely country and the cities are so interesting to walk around. You must watch Brassed off again, it’s a superb film. Pete Postlethwait was excellent.

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